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Incredible Raw Food at Nama, London

Incredible Raw Food at Nama, London

Nama, London

A few weeks ago, after a sunny morning strolling Portobello market (and the exciting news that we are getting a puppy!) my sister and I arrived at Nama. London weather realism had made us book a table inside, but luckily the sun was shining and a space freed up on the terrace at just the right time. We basked in the summer heat, sipping on delicious organic wine and set to discussing the menu. The three outdoor tables are pretty close to each other so throughout lunch we drifted in and out of conversation with our friendly neighbours - the whole place has such a relaxed atmosphere which I loved.
We made our decisions - thanks to lots of help from the tables next to us and the lovely waitress - then got stuck into catching up.

Raw Food at Nama

For starter we shared Daikon Ravioli with Nut Cheese -(slices of marinated daikon, probiotic sesame, mushroom and spinach cheese, fig puree and Asian cabbage salad) which was amazing and it looked so stunning. The food at Nama is beautifully presented, making use of all the vibrant natural colours, but this is by no means in order to make up for lack of taste. It still amazes me how raw vegan food can hold so much flavour.

Daikon Ravioli with Nut Cheese
Raw Vegan Ravioli

Wherever we are, my sis and I almost always end up going halves on our mains, and this time I was particularly glad. Both dishes were so incredibly delicious, but so different that I wouldn't want to choose between them.

After much deliberation we had decided on The Green Pizza (- courgette and walnut base, kale mix, avocado cream and caper berries) and Thai Coconut Curry (- cauliflower, courgette, red pepper and leek marinated in a sweet chilli sauce, served with a coconut curry, kohlrabi rice and pickled fennel).

Green Pizza at Nama
Raw Green Pizza
Raw Thai Coconut Curry
Raw Thai Coconut Curry
Vegan Thai Curry at Nama

Pudding was a yummy selection of sweet treats.

Sweet Treats at Nama
Raw Puddings at Nama

Having been excited for weeks to try the Probiotic Blueberry Cheesecake at Nama, I was all ready to place my order, but my big sis (who is usually such a wise owl) reckoned it made more sense to try a variety of little bites of pudding instead of a big indulgent slab of just one thing. I figured she must know what she was talking about, having been around a few years longer than me, but sadly my lovely pudding-hating sister was wrong for once and the blueberry cheesecake was no where to be seen. Despite that, all the little fudges and brownies we did get to try were absolutely heavenly, and I will use the cheesecake as my excuse to get back to Nama as soon as possible.

Raw Vegan Desserts

We adored everything there from the amazing food to the gorgeous people and we both left making long mental lists of other friends and family members we wanted to return with. I really couldn't recommend it more, regardless of your foodie persuasions.

110 Talbot Road
London W11 1JR
+ 44 207 313 4638

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